CERRIE was an independent Committee established by the UK Government in 2001, following concerns about the risks of internal radiation. The Committee operated between October 2001 and October 2004.

Although the Committee was set up and sponsored by two UK Government departments, DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and DH (Department of Health), it operated completely independently of them. Its Final Report was not vetted by any Government agency.

Mr Paul Dorfman

Paul Dorfman teaches and researches at the University of the West of England in Bristol. His research interests include the function of judgement in scientific policy advice, and the role of sub-political (bottom-up) involvement in environmental risk decision-making. He is completing a doctoral thesis that, theoretically and empirically, examines the scientific and social co-construction of knowledge in environmental risk debates. He is a member of the 'timescales' working and drafting group in the Magnox decommissioning stakeholder dialogue, and a member of the consultation steering group for the SAFEGROUNDS project, which is developing guidance on the management of contaminated land on nuclear and defence sites. He advises, and is a member of, a number of environmental NGOs.

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